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S.P.S. School, Koselao, Pali

Welcome to the S.P.S. School, Koselao, Pali, Rajasthan website. We invite to you explore our website to gain an understanding of how S.P.S. School prepares students for the future..

We believe that every person is created by God and has an inherent personal growth. Our goal is to impart wisdom through quality education, instill high moral values and identity and develop the unique talents of each individual by providing an open and positive learning environment S.P.S. School vision is to work for social justice and equality in India, peace and international understanding and creating a sustainable global environment where man and nature can co- exist.

Our children hold the key to the future. If we educate them in a spirit of love and hope, to develop rational thinking and compassionate hearts, to reach out to the around them in a spirit of service, with pride in the nation, and feeling a part of the family of humankind, we shall be educating them to help bring about a better world.